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Soldier's Protection (HV5)

Soldier's Protection (HV5)

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Love is the greatest defense, and courage is found in the most vulnerable places.

Gabriel Thompson, a retired Special Forces soldier, yearns for peace as he grapples with the traumatic scars of war. Aiming to write a book about soldiers experiencing PTSD, he seeks solitude and tranquility. He finds anything but that when he encounters a fiercely loving single mother and her son.

Charlotte Evans, a strong-willed waitress, bears the burden of her abusive ex-husband's sins while nurturing dreams of freedom. Overwhelmed by debts she didn't create and a son she needs to protect, she was stuck in a cycle of fear and despair. Her son, Noah, faces his own battles with bullies, matching the fights his mother endures.

When Gabe stumbles upon Charlotte's world, an unexpected connection sparks. As the threats intensify, Gabe finds himself drawn into a role he never expected –the protector. Yet, in Charlotte's brave heart, Gabe finds a strength that challenges him to confront his own demons. Will Gabriel and Charlotte muster the courage to battle their past and pave a path to their future? Or will they remain prisoners of their scars?

Soldier's Protection is a heartwarming small town, military romance that explores the power of love, growth, and healing. With the single mother and protector trope, wounded hero, and second chances at its core, this story will sweep you away and leave you rooting for Charlotte and Gabe's happily ever after.

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