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Love on a Frosty Morning

Love on a Frosty Morning

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Two wounded hearts, one snowball fight, and a holiday season that changes everything.

Cin Evergreen was the hometown softball star whose dreams were frozen by a career-ending injury. Now she coaches middle-school kids and delights in spreading holiday cheer at her family's Christmas shop. But when it comes to love, she's always been more at home on the playing field than in the game of hearts.

Derek Matthews is an ex-military sniper grappling with a life that's gone off-target. Haunted by memories of a last deployment gone wrong and a shoulder injury that still nags him, Derek has returned to his small hometown seeking peace and a respite from the chaos of his past. But instead of tranquility, he finds himself unexpectedly in the line of fire when his sister drags him to Cin's Christmas tree lot. But it's not the holiday spirit that snags Derek's attention, it's the curvy shortstop.

When Cin organizes a town-wide snowball fight, it's Derek who ends up in her sights. Sparks fly as they're pitted against each other in a frosty battlefield, and soon neither can deny the growing heat between them. But just as they start to find their rhythm, life throws a curveball that puts both their hearts on the line.

Can Cin and Derek move past their injuries and insecurities to take a shot at love? Or will they be yet another casualty of the battles they've fought? Find out in this balling holiday battle where a Wounded Warrior and the town tomboy learn they don't have a snowball's chance of escaping the Christmas spirit!

Love on a Frosty Morning is a part of the Honor Valley Holiday romances; a heartwarming, small town, military romance series that explores the power of love, growth, and healing set during the most magical time of the year! These stories are short and sweet -the perfect length for an afternoon pick me up or an evening escape before bedtime!
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