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Love on a Holy Night

Love on a Holy Night

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When love and lights collide, two wounded souls find their way through the darkness.

Clove Evergreen is the queen of Christmas in Honor Valley. Passionate about community and connection, she has her eyes set on winning the neighborhood Christmas Light competition—earning nationwide acclaim and prize money for military families' programs. There's just one problem; the darkened, lightless, soulless house across the street where her nemesis lives. 

Miles Winston, a military sniper haunted by a life-altering mistake, lives across the street from the brightest house in the neighborhood. He wants no part in the light show when he'd prefer to remain shrouded in darkness. Too bad his neighbor is determined to cast him in the spotlight, pinning him with those enigmatic eyes of hers and stealing his breath with those shining smiles. But Miles isn't prepared to let go of the shame that has made him cling to the shadows. Not even while Clove keeps showing up trying to drag him into the light. 

Despite their growing attraction, the friction between Clove's luminescent optimism and Miles' muted sorrow creates an emotional tug-of-war. Clove believes that light and love can heal all wounds, while Miles wrestles with the notion that some scars are too deep for any brightness to reach. Their contrasting worldviews reach a boiling point when Clove's well-intentioned attempts to include Miles in the neighborhood festivities backfire, risking their burgeoning relationship and forcing them to confront whether they can ever truly reconcile their differences. Will they find a way to merge their worlds, or will they remain prisoners of their past, one bathed in light, the other in perpetual shadow?

Love on a Holy Night is a part of the Honor Valley Holiday romances; a heartwarming, small town, military romance series that explores the power of love, growth, and healing set during the most magical time of the year! These stories are short and sweet -the perfect length for an afternoon pick me up or an evening escape before bedtime!
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