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Soldier's Lesson

Soldier's Lesson

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When lessons in love go beyond the classroom, can a single father ace a test of the heart?

Single father and military veteran Finn Kaplan is navigating the intricate lesson plan of raising two spirited children while entangled in a contentious co-parenting arrangement. Like a complex equation he can't quite solve, his life takes an unexpected turn when his son's behavior issues bring him face-to-face with a new teacher who challenges his preconceived notions.

Amber Carroll, adept at guiding her students through the ABCs and 123s, finds herself in uncharted territory with one particularly captivating dad. Each encounter with Finn is like a masterclass in chemistry, sparking reactions that are impossible to ignore and leaving lessons in love that are off the school's syllabus.

Their growing connection is more than a mere footnote in a textbook; it's a heart-stirring narrative that challenges the norms. As they find themselves in the middle of a complex problem involving school policies and co-parenting challenges, Finn and Amber are forced to decipher if their connection is worth going beyond the classroom walls.

Soldier's Lesson is a heartwarming small town military romance that explores the power of love, growth, and healing. With the single dad and hot for teacher tropes at its core, this story will sweep you away and leave you rooting for Amber and Finn's happily ever after.

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