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Love on a Reindeer Run

Love on a Reindeer Run

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Sometimes love needs a little Christmas magic to find its forever home.

Joy Evergreen is on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift. As the head of the Head Elf in Charge of the Honor Valley children's toy drive, she's determined that every kid on the town's military base will have their Christmas wishes fulfilled -even if she has to elbow a few mall shoppers along the way. But when she bumps into her ex-boyfriend in the toy store, she's determined that this time she won't be the one left holding the bag.

After years away, Lucas Jackson has returned to his home town on a new mission; he's become the temporary guardian of his niece and nephew. His secret objective is to reunite with the love that he let slip through his fingers. He doesn't expect for battle lines to be drain between him and Joy. Nor for the fight to be over the hottest holiday toy of the season. 

Can a reindeer run through crowded toy stores, long lines and online auctions bring these two warring souls back to love? Find out in this holiday romance that weaves together a returning hero, a second chance at love, the joy of gift-giving, and the spirit of the holidays. 

Love on a Reindeer Run is a part of the Honor Valley Holiday romances; a heartwarming, small town, military romance series that explores the power of love, growth, and healing set during the most magical time of the year! These stories are short and sweet -the perfect length for an afternoon pick me up or an evening escape before bedtime!
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