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Soldier’s Duty (HV8)

Soldier’s Duty (HV8)

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When love's at stake, even heroes need a battle plan.

Shelby Palmer has always been the girl next door, lending a hand in the Vaughn family's business and bailing out Falcon, her best friend, from his latest scrapes. When Falcon's military-hero older brother returns to their small town of Honor Valley, he’s not just bringing his service medals with him but also an air of authority that Shelby can't ignore.

Hawk never thought his transition back to civilian life would involve wrestling with feelings for his brother's best friend. But when a chance encounter throws him into Shelby's orbit, he's captured by her vivacious strength and vibrant passion—traits that prove invaluable as they navigate Falcon’s latest crisis.

Caught between their loyalty to Falcon and the magnetic pull they feel toward each other, Hawk and Shelby find themselves thrust into a complicated mission of love and duty. When Falcon lands himself in a new scrap, it's up to Hawk and Shelby to both bail him out and confront him about his reckless behavior. To divert the small-town gossip and protect Falcon's reputation, Hawk suggests a daring cover-up: a fake relationship with Shelby. But as they work together to get Falcon the help he needs, their staged affection blossoms into genuine attraction. 

When staged affections turn into genuine attraction, leaving them torn between familial loyalties and the chance for true love, will Hawk and Shelby realize their pretend romance might be more real than either of them had ever imagined?

Soldier's Duty is a heartwarming small town, military romance that explores the power of love, growth, and healing. With the age gap, brother's best friend, and fake dating tropes at its core, this story will sweep you away and leave you rooting for Shelby and Hawk's happily ever after.

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