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The Complete Silver Star Ranch Romances [PRINT BOOK]

The Complete Silver Star Ranch Romances [PRINT BOOK]

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When an elite group of soldiers take on the mission to look after the General’s daughters, they never expect that one by one they’ll fall hopelessly in love.

In His Pledge to Honor, Scout Silver can rehabilitate the most wounded of horses. But when an injured soldier shows up at her ranch, will she follow his lead down a trail of love?

In His Pledge to Cherish, Saylor Silver has a magic touch when it comes to healing abused horses. But when a disabled soldier reaches out to her, will she allow him to rein in her heart?

In His Pledge to Protect, Mareen Silver can get any horse to dance to her tune. But when a damaged soldier rescues her, will she allow him to side-step her away from a previous attachment?

In His Pledge to Obey, Brigadear Silver meets a wounded warrior whose injuries leave him feeling all washed up. She'll need to prove she's grown up enough to get him on bended knee.

In His Pledge to Have, Artillery Silver can get any horse to eat its curds and hay. But when her mouth begins to water for the soldier who's promised to marry her twin, can she convince her family to change what's on the menu?

In His Pledge to Hold, Gunnery Silver's lifelong mission is to protect the lands where wild horses run free. But when a wounded soldier sets his sights on her, will she allow herself to be corralled into setting down roots with him forever?


Find out if love can truly heal all wounds in these light-hearted, sweet romances of convenient arrangements that unfold into lasting love.


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