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Soldier's Pride

Soldier's Pride

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When love takes the stage, it outshines the competition.

Tyrone Hopkins, a dedicated soldier and single dad, faces his toughest mission yet: raising his twin daughters alone after the loss of his beloved wife. Struggling to connect with their girly interests, Tyrone finds an unlikely ally in the person he least expects—his late wife's twin sister; the woman who seems to challenge him at every turn.

Elise Jordan has always kept her distance from her brother-in-law, her icy demeanor hiding a whirlwind of emotions and a secret longing she's never dared to confess. Thrown together to support the twins' latest endeavor—a kiddie beauty pageant—Tyrone and Elise must navigate their turbulent past and undeniable chemistry. As the pageant lights glow, so does the spark between them, turning their once-cold war into a blaze of passion.

But with the shadows of their past looming over them, can Tyrone and Elise break down the walls between them and build a new future for their patchwork family? Or will their fragile truce crumble under the weight of unspoken fears and unhealed wounds?

Soldier's Pride is a heartwarming small town military romance that explores the power of love, loss and second chances. With the single dad and enemies-turned-ally tropes at its core, this story will sweep you away and leave you rooting for Elise and Tyrone's happily ever after.

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