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His Vow to Trust

His Vow to Trust

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Fighter Pilot Topher Matthews prefers to fly on the highway to a danger zone. But when a female airman alters his flight path, will he change his trajectory?

Airman Toni Solis dreamed of soaring high in a military career. Unfortunately, a mission failure derails her dreams and sends her crashing to the ground with nowhere to go. With no reliable family member of her own to turn to, help comes from the most unexpected place; the hotshot pilot who was behind the controls that ended her career.

When his aircraft crashed, Topher Matthews's first instinct was to scoop the injured female soldier into his arms. Months later, he's still having trouble letting thoughts of Airman Solis go. Bringing her to his family ranch to get better will be best for all involved. But staying by her side and helping her heal is not a part of his plan. Especially when any woman who gets attached to him always winds up hurt and hating him.

As her feelings for Topher become harder to deny, Toni struggles to regain her independence. But her rehab proves tricky, leaving Topher to continually be at the ready to lend her a hand and even sweep her off her feet a time or two. No woman who's ever gotten close to Topher has left without being emotionally scared. But the more Toni pushes him away, the closer he wants to get, until neither of them can deny their feelings for one another. Yet the moment he finally gets past her hard exterior, the military comes giving orders that could deploy their hearts away from one another. 

Find out in His Vow to Trust, the fourth in a series of heartwarming stories that prove that falling in love is an act of heroism, but finding family is life's most extraordinary achievement.
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