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His Vow to Respect

His Vow to Respect

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ROA Pilot Mateo Matthews is coming in hot for the girl who’s always made his heart flutter, but will their families’ bitter feud leave his attempts DOA?

From the first time he saw her scribble a heart on a scrap of paper, Mateo Matthews knew his very soul belonged to Kailyn Jade. To win her heart, he’d first need to cross over enemy lines that were booby-trapped with insults and taunts flung between their siblings. Mateo’s twin brother hates Kailyn’s twin sister, and the feeling is mutual. He’s kept his mouth shut and his heart locked down to avoid putting her in the middle of their siblings’ war. But now he’s done trying to keep the peace between the factions and vows to seek the tranquility he knows can only come when he has Kailyn in his arms. Just when he thinks nothing stands in his way of seeking her out, an opportunity that could skyrocket both their careers comes between Mateo and the woman who makes his heart race.

As an artist, Kailyn Jade studies some of the world’s most inspiring artwork. But none steals her breath the way that Mateo Matthews’ smile does. Unlike the artwork she puts on display, Mateo’s smiles are always secret and hidden from the prying eyes of their warring siblings. Yet when he returns home after a long absence, Mateo no longer hides his smiles and wants the two of them to be seen together out in public. Kailyn almost falls for his charm until she learns he’s after the funding for her after school art therapy camp for troubled youth.

Fighting is the last thing Kailyn wants to do, but she might have to pick up arms against the charming soldier she’s never been able to get out of her head. Trying to convince Kailyn that they’re not in competition soon takes a back seat for Mateo when their siblings rekindle their childish warfare. If Mateo wants Kailyn on his side, he might have to cut loose his brother. Can these two weary lovers find peace or will their families’ feud tear their hearts to pieces?

Find out in His Vow to Respect, the fifth in a series of heartwarming stories that prove that falling in love is an act of heroism, but finding family is life’s most extraordinary achievement.
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