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His Vow to Adore

His Vow to Adore

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Commercial Airline Pilot Will, Matthews's first crush showed him that he could fly high… until his heart came crashing down. Now, the one that got away is circling back around, but this time can he stick the landing?

Growing up a pacifist in a family of soldiers wasn't the hardest thing Will Matthews has ever done. The hardest thing he ever did was let his brother steal his lines of poetry and deliver them as if they were his own to the girl of Will's dreams. But now, years after the couple's tumultuous breakup, Will has the chance to win his true love's heart. But will he find the courage to tell her how he feels using his own words? 

Tricksy James has been singing her song of heartbreak since her sisters' trio broke up and left her solo. Tired of being alone and singing the angsty song about her ex, Tricksy's ready for a new start. But with her sisters' double wedding coming up, Tricksy's feeling left out again. That's until she hatches a plan to become the fake fiancée of her childhood friend.

It wasn't the beginning Tricksy was looking for, but once she's back home, she's not so sure that being in Will's embrace is a bad place to end up. Will's hoping that by pretending to be in love, Tricksy will come to realize it's the real thing between them. But will Tricksy be able to let go of the past and sing a new tune with the new man pulling at her heartstrings?

Find out in His Vow to Adore, the third in a series of heartwarming stories that prove that falling in love is an act of heroism, but finding family is life's most extraordinary achievement.
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