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His Vow to Treasure

His Vow to Treasure

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JAG Officer Joe Matthews can't afford a scandal when he comes home to run for political office. So finally admitting his feelings for his free-spirited childhood crush is probably not gonna be good for his image.

For years, Joe Matthews has tried to convince his heart that it was illogical to pine for his childhood best friend. Foxy James was the most impractical, irrational, incongruous, beautiful, bold, bright… wait, where was he going with this? Joe's current trajectory is to become the county District Attorney, where he'll be able to help keep the scales of justice in balance and help protect foster kids like him. Professing his feelings for his psychic best friend would certainly tip the scales out of balance. 

As a clairsentient, Foxy James knows with a certainty that her one true love will show up…one day…eventually. Okay, so her abilities are not an exact science. To pass the time while she waits for him, Foxy has decided to dedicate her life to helping kids in foster care. When she gets a feeling that a foster kid is in trouble, she enlists the help of her childhood best friend to help her save the day. 

Joe should definitely not allow himself to be pulled into another one of Foxy's harebrained schemes based on the tingling in her tummy when he's so close to a political appointment. But the thought of the woman he loves placing herself in harm's way is enough to convince Joe to slay an imaginary dragon for her. Joe has always been Foxy's hero, but when she gets a flash that he's also her one true love, she's floored. And then annoyed it took him so long to reveal himself to her. But mostly thrilled that her gut got one right and fate brought her the perfect man after all.

Only once they claim their love, both of Joe's and Foxy's futures are in jeopardy. When Foxy comes face to face with a very real villain that threatens the livelihoods of the vulnerable foster children she's sworn to care for, will her word hold any sway for the town to believe her this time? And if Joe makes his relationship with the town psychic public, he just may lose their vote of confidence? Can a fated love that's waited an eternity to be revealed stand strong in the light of reality?

Find out in His Vow to Treasure, the second in a series of heartwarming stories that prove that falling in love is an act of heroism, but finding family is life's most extraordinary achievement.
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