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The Rancher takes his Last Chance at Love

The Rancher takes his Last Chance at Love

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A military hostage negotiator is willing to pay any ransom to win back the woman who hijacked his heart.

Russell Hook has spent years talking people down from bridges, men out of suicide vests, and insurgents into releasing prisoners of war. But when it comes to his own life, talks to win back his estranged wife have broken down. Admitting defeat, Rusty finally signs the divorce papers…only to have his wife call him asking for a favor.

Since she was young, Veronica Hook has hidden a secret from her loved ones; she’s a closet romance reader. Now, she’s authored a romance novel and wants the story out in the world -under a pen name, of course. The problem is that to get the loan necessary to cover the costs of publishing her book, Ronnie will need her estranged husband’s help. However, when Rusty makes a condition of his signature on the loan documents that she gives him another chance, Ronnie is backed into agreeing even though she knows it's a pointless tactic. Or is it? 

Ronnie’s certain she can guard against Rusty’s negotiating skills. Except for the fact that the reality of her husband starts to prove better than the dream man she’s written on the pages. As Rusty chips away at Ronnie’s resolve, he realizes he’s lost the signed divorce papers. When these two learn what the other wrote down on paper will it rip them apart? Or will it put them back on the same page?

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In the Rangers of Purple Heart Ranch, you'll find six light-hearted tales of Army Rangers falling hopelessly in love with the cowgirl next door, the little sister who’s all grown up, the bride that almost got away, a star crossed romantic who meets his Juliet, a logical-minded scientist who falls inexplicably in love at first sight ,and a marriage in trouble that has one last chance at a happily ever after!

  • Instalove alters the plan when an Army Ranger makes a calculated deal to wed a female rancher in a modern day marriage of convenience.

  • Falling for his best friend’s sister is not an option when an Army Ranger is tricked into a modern day marriage of convenience.

  • Chasing his runaway bride to the altar is all this Army Ranger cares about in this modern day marriage of convenience.

  • When a bacon-loving Army Ranger and a flower-child, vegan farmer declare their true loves’ vow it won’t be enough to stop their families from feuding in this modern day marriage of convenience.

  • Hypothetically speaking, can an Army Ranger war games strategist and an environmental scientist bent on saving the planet fall in love at first sight?

  • A military hostage negotiator is willing to pay any ransom to win back the woman who hijacked his heart.

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