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Honor Valley Mega Bundle

Honor Valley Mega Bundle

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Get the entire Honor Valley Series!

Are you a Small Town Romance fan? Love a Military Hero? Why not both!

The Honor Valley romances are short and sweet love stories that are a perfect escape for your commute, lunch break, or a nightcap before bed!

In this megabundle, you'll get 18 heartwarming romance stories that hit every trope imaginable including fake dating, grumpy-sunshine, marriage of convenience, single dad and a slew of holiday romances!

  • When they meet at a beach clean-up event, sparks fly as they clash over their differing approaches to the task at hand...

  • When a Wounded Warrior and a small-town woman agree to a fake relationship, will their pretend love turn into the real thing?

  • Recovering from physical and emotional scars, a soldier seeks solace in the quiet haven of the local library... and the librarian who captures his heart...

  • With his injured leg, can a soldier sweep the local dance teacher off her feet in time for the town's recital?

  • A retired Special Forces soldier yearns for peace as he grapples with the traumatic scars of war. He finds a new reason to fight when he encounters a fiercely loving single mother and her son.

  • A former soldier dealing with PTSD finds himself fighting the most significant battle of his life when he returns home to Honor Valley to win back his estranged wife.

  • When a stolen kiss between the stoic colonel and his young secretary threatens to dismantle the trust and respect they've both painstakingly built with the team, the budding relationship is tested.

  • When BFF's older brother returns to their small town, he’s not just bringing his service medals with him but also an air of authority that she can't ignore.

  • They enter into a marriage of convenience to her father's dying wish, only to find a deeper connection blossoming...

  • When his son's teacher's lessons in love go beyond the classroom, can a single father ace a test of the heart?

  • Struggling to connect with their girly interests, a single father struggles to connect with his daughters until he finds an ally in the person he least expects—his late wife's twin sister...

  • A devoted single father grapples with the complexities of raising his teenage son amidst the echoes of a failed marriage when he rescues a mysterious woman from his past...

  • Can a reindeer run through crowded toy stores, long lines and online auctions bring these two warring souls back to love?

  • Two souls find warmth in harmony, but will a fading melody steal their chance at love?

  • He’s all about discipline, she’s all about dessert, and their worlds are about to collide in the most delicious way.

  • Two wounded hearts, one snowball fight, and a holiday season that changes everything.

  • Two hearts, one gingerbread house: This Christmas, love is the secret ingredient.

  • When love and lights collide, two wounded souls find their way through the darkness.

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About the Author

Hey! I'm Shanae, the author of the Honor Valley Romances series. I write swoony, sweet romance stories that will tickle your funny bone.

I'm a southern girl who grew up watching After School Specials and Saturday Morning cartoons where there was always a moral to the story. That means all of my stories feature a woman, who is in over her head, being courted by a man, who quickly realizes he's met his match, mixed with a dash of comedy, and ends with a touching lesson that illustrates the power of love.

And kisses. There's always kisses!

I was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland -Go Navy! My first crushes were all men in white uniforms. Still, to this day, if I see a midshipman, I giggle like a love-struck schoolgirl!

What I didn't understand when I was young was that soldiers could get hurt both on the inside and out. That sometimes there could be wounds I didn't see with my eyes. I have a huge imagination, and my first language was love and romance. So the only way I knew to try to make a difference was to write these brave men into stories where love would heal them.

Thus was born the Honor Valley Romances and the Purple Heart Ranch Romances.