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The Marquis and the Magician’s Assistant

The Marquis and the Magician’s Assistant

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When a marquis agrees to produce a female magician’s solo show, the two discover the feelings developing between them are no illusion. The trick will be on them when the sparks start to fly!

Magician’s assistant Lark Voorheen is tired of seeing someone else in the spotlight. She’d rather jump inside the hat with the rabbit than have another wannabe wizard take credit for her hard work and ingenuity. Ready to finally take the wand in her own hand, she’s lucky to find a wealthy marquis eager to back her show. After years of witnessing the lack of respect given to female magicians, she’s determined that no one thinks she got her shot by lying on her back. But that will be a hard sell when her producer is a handsome, rich nobleman such as Omar, the Marquis of Navarre.

As a successful entertainment producer with a golden touch, Omar al Sharif has been used by talentless women stepping on his heart on their way up the ladder of success. But when he helps Lark take center stage, his attempts to freeze his growing feelings melt under the force of her star power.

Unable to deny their intense attraction, they agree to hide their relationship from prying eyes. Neither would be taken seriously if word of their affair got out. Lark’s dream will die if she loses credibility, and while Omar doesn’t fear for his business, losing the love of his life would cut him in two.

Can they pull off their biggest misdirection yet and convince the world they’re not together? 

Find out if love will reign in this light-hearted, sweet romance of royal engagements. The Marquis and the Magician’s Assistant is the fourth in a series of royal romances that are beyond the common tale!
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