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Loving the Bad Boy

Loving the Bad Boy

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A man looking for a new lease on life. A woman finally ready to live hers. Can her love tame the town bad boy?

Catalina Garcia is a cancer survivor. With the threat of her annual check up looming over her head, she decides not to wait for the results. Instead, she is going to start checking as many things off her bucket list as she can. 

Until her resolve puts her face to face with the town bad boy. 

Westley York never cared about his bad boy reputation. After all, the people of his hometown made up their mind about him a long time ago—whether the facts were true or not. He has a week left before he’s off probation and moving on with his life. 

Getting involved with the wide-eyed girl with a No. 2 pencil and a crazy to-do list? Not on his agenda.

But she’s trusting—probably a little too much, and Westley discovers that she’s determined to find her wild side, with or without him. Worried she might get herself hurt—or even killed—he reluctantly agrees to help. 

It was only a week. One week until Cat finds out the results of her test and Westley is finally free of his past. Too bad all it takes is one week to fall in love.
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