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His Duty to Fulfill

His Duty to Fulfill

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When the town playboy returns home from active duty, he's on a mission to recapture the one that almost got away.

After serving overseas, Ben Lyons returns to the small town of his youth, grappling not only with the memories of war but also with a growing attraction that he can no longer ignore. It's not just any woman that's captured his heart. It's Faith, the sassy organic farmer who happens to be his best friend's younger sister.

Faith Starr always felt like the odd woman out; playing in the dirt, talking to her plants, and harboring a secret crush on her older brother's playboy best friend. She roused her courage and stole a kiss, only to have Ben dash her hopes and break her heart. But now he's back, and keeps purposely putting himself within her reach. This time it's Ben who steals the kiss making Faith wonder if the man of her dreams wants to be with her in reality. 

But just when Faith and Ben are ready to give into their mutual attraction, the shadows of doubts loom large. The largest shadow being Faith's protective older brother and Ben's lifelong confidant finding out about their budding relationship?And then a secret from Ben's playboy past comes back to bite them. Can their budding relationship withstand the storm of scrutiny, or will it be uprooted by doubt?

His Duty to Fulfill is the third in a series of light-hearted, sweet romances where veterans find their way back to their small town and discover they can be heroes at home.
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