Reading Order

Suggested Reading Order

The Brides of Purple Heart Ranch Volume One

On His Bended Knee

Hand Over His Heart

Offering His Arm

His Permanent Scar

Having His Back

Courage to Heal


The Brides of Purple Heart Ranch Volume Two

In Over His Head

Always On His Mind

Every Step He Takes

In His Good Hands

Light Up His Life

His Strength to Stand

His Grace Under Pressure


The Rangers of Purple Heart Ranch

The Rancher takes his Convenient Bride

The Rancher takes his Best Friend's Sister

The Rancher takes his Runaway Bride

The Rancher takes his Star Crossed Love

The Rancher takes his Love at First Sight

The Rancher takes his Last Chance at Love


The Silver Star Ranch

 His Pledge to Honor

His Pledge to Cherish

His Pledge to Protect

His Pledge to Obey

His Pledge to Have

His Pledge to Hold


The Flying Cross Ranch

 His Vow to Love

His Vow to Treasure

His Vow to Adore

His Vow to Trust

His Vow to Respect

His Vow to Defend


The Bronze Star Ranch

 His Duty to Serve

His Duty to Accept

His Duty to Fulfill


The Honors Valley Romances

 Soldier's Surrender

Soldier's Promise

Soldier's Courage


The Rebel Royals

The King and the Kindergarten Teacher

The Prince and the Pie Maker

The Duke and the DJ

The Marquis and the Magician's Assistant

The Princess and the Principal


The Pemberley Ranch Romances

In Want of a Wife

In Possession of a Good Fortune

a Truth Universally Acknowledged